Apr 26, 2017 - 03 p.m.

Yesterday, the clock was approaching noon, and I was thinking about lunch. I try to bring lunch most days in the interest of saving money. Physically bringing the lunch is the easy part. Gathering everything has become another step in my morning routine, just like feeding the animals or carrying Hildy downstairs.

The struggle comes when it's time to eat and I want something that is not the yogurt/apple/protein bar combo that I brought. Typically pizza sounds like a better proposition.

Like everyone in the entire world, when I do something weak-willed, I do my best to justify it. A great go-to is, "Well, it's been a long week, I deserve a treat". This is what I told myself yesterday as I was thinking about lunch.

Yesterday was Tuesday, in case you were curious.

One and a half days of work hardly rates for the long week justification. I ate my yogurt.

However, Wednesday, depending how you measure, is the start of the end of the week, right? It's almost time for lunch.