These are things of varying silliness that I've done in my spare time.
A simple command line tool that manages the blocking of unproductive websites. Yet another part of the kick for mindful software I've been on. I wrote it with Haskell, a language I love but don't get to practice enough, and learned how to distribute it with Homebrew, the mac package manager.
One Way Tweet
A web based twitter client that only sends tweets. I built this because I like to compose tweets but sometimes I want to avoid getting caught up in reading tweets when I send one. Part of an effort to be more mindful about using my computer. I wrote this in Elm with a tiny Node backend.
Itty Bitty Storage
Itty bitty storage is a very simple Saas that stores single bits of information and makes them available through a rest API. I needed a project to help me learn Elixir/Phoenix and this was it. I ended up really enjoying working with Elixir and plan on using it again. I also learned a bunch about Redis, which stores the bits for quick access, and Docker, which I used as a way of doing builds without having a CI environment that matched my production environment.
Socket Poker
Socket Poker is a pointing poker site that I wrote to learn about React and Redux. I was unfamiliar going in, but by the end was really enjoying it. Building this eventually lead to my interest in functional programming in general, inspiring learning in Haskell and Elm. I also got to play around with websockets, which was cool. The back end is written in Node and shares code with the frontend.
Water Goals
Super simple app I whipped up on a lunch break to track my water drinking through the day. Written with Elm.
Angular directive that draws ascii butts. Silly? Very, but I'm a firm believer in programming not only being useful but also fun and art. Also ended up being a good lesson in how directives are built, but still primarily an exercise in fun.